1. What should I do if I've already created multiple accounts?

Please delete all but the account which you want to keep. We will delete any subsequent accounts we find under the same ownership. The first account created will be considered the legitimate primary account. So if you wish to keep an account that is not your first one, make sure you delete any others yourself.

2. What should I do if a venue invites me to a free tasting?

Please tell them directly and explicitly that if you go to a tasting, you cannot promise or guarantee a review on Bon App afterwards, as this is against Bon App guidelines. In addition you should tell them that if and when you do choose to write a review, it will not necessarily be positive.

Finally, any reviews of such a free meal will be marked as an invited tasting, and in the future the scores for free tastings will be segregated from the general scores for venues.

3. What happens if I violate Bon App guidelines?

Violation of rules such as accepting free meals explicitly in exchange for Bon App reviews, or writing slanderous reviews of venues may result in removal of your Power User status or other points-related status and badges, deletion of related reviews, deletion of all your reviews and history, or deletion of your account and banning of future accounts.

We hope we do not have to enforce these types of penalties and we strive to maintain a mutually supportive community, so please help us to keep Bon App an honest and transparent platform for the long-term benefit of all.


What is Bon App?

Bon App is an open platform to help people connect over food, in English and Chinese, that helps local, expats and travellers find great places to eat and drink in Shanghai. Bon App is a platform for you to find, talk about and share great restaurants with all of your friends and the world!

Who uses Bon App?

Anyone can join our community to discover and post about great restaurants and bars and join in awesome events with like-minded foodies. Bon App is available in Beijing,

Is Bon App free?

Yes, we are 100% free to download and use.

Why should I review restaurants?

To share with your friends on Bon App and the Bon App community, to meet new people, get rewarded with points and maybe get invited to our Power User group!

Will I get recognized for leaving good reviews?

Yes! We actively recruit users who submit quality reviews and reward them with exclusive benefits. You’ll also gain followers and connect with fellow foodies who have similar tastes. Our most active users are recruited to our elite Bon App Power User group and enjoy exclusive free tastings and parties.

What am I allowed to say in my reviews?

Be fair, honest and include all the helpful details you enjoy reading in other reviews. Please don't include inappropriate, unrelated, slanderous, political or sexual content. This may result in your account being banned.

Why does your App ask for permissions when I install it?

Bon App's many functions require the app to access your location and phone storage. We really want to help you find restaurants that are near you and to do that we need to know where you are!

Will Bon App share my details with anyone?

No. We only use your information to understand your location, likes and interests, so we can make smart recommendations.


Can restaurant owners or staff review their own venue?

No. We work hard to maintain honesty and neutrality on our platform so that everyone, including restaurant managers and owners, can get up to date and trustworthy insight about venues. We will remove reviews that we determine to be commercial in nature and may ban repeat offenders.

What should I do if I've already reviewed or posted promos for my own venue?

Please manually delete the review or promotion yourself.

How do restaurants sign up?

If you searched for your restaurant on our app and didn’t find it you can click the “Add new business” button and submit the details yourself. If you would like to discuss other partnership and co-promotion opporunities please contact us at support@bonapp.net.

How did my restaurant details end up on your site?

Most of our listings are user submitted, while others are added by staff.

Can I respond to reviews or update my restaurant’s details?

Yes, we offer a venue backend system for owners and venue representatives to log in and manage their listings, upload promotions and respond to reviews. If you think a review is inappropriate or you want to update your details please email us at support@bonapp.net.

Can I pay to change or remove reviews?

No. We will review and remove any inappropriate or fake reviews, but we will not remove or alter reviews that are authentic and do not violate our User Guidelines. Authentic negative reviews are an excellent insight into your diners' experiences and can be helpful in making improvements to your business.

Can I pay to increase my search ranking?

Search results are based on user search criteria and user submitted ratings. We do offer an Ad package for XX.

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