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By: Nathalie

Mayse artisan bakery

Who would have thought to find one of the best sourdough breads made in Hong Kong by a Latvian baker, in Taimeituk beach town, in the North Territories, not far from Shenzhen border ? Yes it is here that you can find it, at Mayse Artisan Bakery. Their breads is even served at some of the city center restaurants etc. Here we also came for the pizzas, they use spelt (healthier whole food option than normal flour) sourdough crust, are all plant-based and they are delicious ! We chose Pesky Pesto pizza, Truffle Love pizza and Rainbow color pizza. Love their muffin too ! This is guilty pleasure that feels healthy !


2021-10-17 20:13

By: Nathalie


It is exactly what you would expect from its name, a bar-resto serving mexican food. Price is bit high in this Stanley branch, but service is good and food is decent ! The chicken wrap looked really good ! The vegan lasagnas are great (with vegan cheese). It's a very casual option, perfect to share beer with friends.


2021-10-16 23:56

By: Nathalie

Ma...and the seeds of life

Located in the bustling Central, we treated ourselves with this fancy vegan restaurant. And it was divine ! The chef, Tina Barrat and her team propose a menu with revisited French / Italian classical dishes, all made vegan. It's colourful, flavourful and creative ! You will find funny-names alternatives such as Faux-gras, Chiaviar (Caviar made from chia seeds), they make "Cheeze" which are all vegan alternatives. We here chose : - 3 cheeze plate, there are so many choices, we chose the Brie, the North Pole star and the Sans-Goat cheese. The "fake" brie will taste like a normal brie, as normal ones do not have so strong taste either, it was perfect touch with the pink pepper; The north pole star imitates Blue Cheese, it has a strong taste like fermented tofu ?? , it is very savoury ! The fake goat is good too, not as memorable to me. I love the housemade crackers and bread that accompanies this plate; - the faux-gras liver p?té: it looks almost like foie gras, of course it is not foie gras, so it will taste different, it was not my favourite and it was a bit much in quantity; - the sans-salmon rillettes: very nice, the rillettes almost have sale taste as salmon, it is really well done ! (it's not the picture I put, this was just a complimentary canape, the rillettes were much more than this ;-) - tuna melon tartare: yes they are really good at making this texture and taste like fresh fish, can't believe it's just made out of veggies, it may be made out of pickles :-) - Pizza : crust is made with almond and cauliflower, and they use their cheeze sauce; well it tastes so delicious ! Foodorgasm with this simple-looking yet complex taste and colorful vegan/gluten-free pizza ! - Dessert combo: we chose the Tinamisu named after the chef, the mango and passion fruit cheezecake and the coconut rice pudding. The two latter might taste more as usual desserts, in a more upscale version, but the Tinamisu was so good, the chocolate and coffee with the nice texture, it was perfect :-) Let's not forget to say that service is top notch, our waitress speaked perfect English and was very personal in giving advice and professional ! She helped us take pictures of us in a very dedicated way too. We saw many tables celebrating birthdays, and it was always served in a very delicate way by the waiters. The decor is chic and modern, lighting is bit dim, for a nice ambiance. This restaurant is a must try if you go to HK and even if you are not vegan :-)


2021-10-16 23:51

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