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By: Alex Boshell


Came here for their 1st anniversary party and was not disappointed. 99RMB for 3 pints of their great tasting and extensive craft beer selection. I particularly liked brews 1-4 the sour fruit beer. Ideal for if you need a change from lagers or stouts. Of course they also have the standard ales, which are of equally high quality. I also liked their snack and food selection. It wasn’t huge but it was good, and as a Brit, any place that can sell me a big bag of pork scratchings with my beer is a winner. And these were very good pork scratchings! The staff have been nothing but friendly and helpful, though the English has been limited. It’s not a problem though as beer and snack menus are bilingual. Just point to what you need if your Chinese is lacking. A large sausage platter is 68RMB and a pint of the ales can be between 30-80RMB depending on the fanciness of the choice. All are good- I don’t think you can go wrong!


2021-07-31 23:12

By: Jordan Harrison

Liang pi da wang

A few good options for Liang Pi here. I tried the one with meat, was not disappointed! Good value and fast service.


2021-07-31 21:07

By: Alex Boshell

The West Street

I should start by saying I love the interior of this place! It beautiful! We had a fun night out here as part of a Bon app outing. The food we tried was mainly Chinese style, but we all enjoyed most of the dishes (the pig intestines were a bit too flavourful for our western tastes, but our Chinese friends assured me they were good). The craft beer selection has a way to go before it can really stand out, but hopefully they will improve over time and expand their range. Drink- wise the stand outs were the stout and the ipa. The other beers were nice enough, but did not have enough flavour in them to make much of impression. They also had some entertaining live music. Overall I’d say this place has a lot of potential!


2021-07-31 21:04

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