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By: Tane McLeay Bon App HZ

Wolfgang's Steakhouse (Kerry Centre)

Hangzhou's branch of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse looks to bring the atmosphere and prime USDA beef of Wolfgang Zwiener’s famed New York outlet to Kerry Centre. Prime cuts of beef are joined by offerings such as crab cake, Beverly Hills chopped salad, and a classic New York cheesecake. Great service and dishes, all assembled from the very best (imported) ingredients on top of the line kitchen appliances to ensure a level of consistency commensurate with the most famous steakhouses in New York.


2022-01-17 17:22

By: Tane McLeay Bon App HZ

Carbon (Vietnamese - Xixi Paradise Walk)

Staff greet customers warmly and invite guests to choose where they'd like to sit. The menu is online so scan the QR to begin. I generally enjoyed the food and had a good time but a few things could be considered. - A bowl rather than a plate for eating curry might be useful - Okra tastes great but can make the curry sauce a little "ugly". - The prawn was quite "tough" and chewy. Being opposite another Thai restaurant is interesting for Paradise Walk. I'm keen to compare both.


2022-01-17 14:40

By: Tane McLeay Bon App HZ

Moka Town (Xianlin)

Moka Town don't usually serve my favourite bread, though I have enjoyed their wrapped sandwiches from time to time and found the cheap coffee acceptable at 6am. Most shops are friendly and a slice of chocolate log with mock cream is fine. Some of the bigger branches even have tables and chairs.


2022-01-17 09:30

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