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By: peachsai


太仓不大,所以didi一下从南园穿梭到弇山园,看了下开放时间是从上午7点半到傍晚6点半,无需门票,刷身份证即可入院,可能还要看下行程码或者健康码。公交线路建议:103、104、114. 从入园一开始就感觉到了江南园林的范儿,绿化修葺得不错,郁郁葱葱。被誉为东南第一圆,but我更喜欢南园多一点。弇山园也是比较综合的公园,更偏向现代康乐园多一点结合了传统园林的特色。里面有一处给小孩子玩耍的无动力设施沙地,有不少小孩子在互动,挺好。 看介绍是王世贞的豪宅,古代人真的是蛮会享受的。入口处有写着“海宁寺的遗址”,很多太湖石散落开来,反正逛上一圈半个多小时足矣。 mark一下有望海峰、通海泉、铁釜、墨妙亭、弇山堂、小飞虹等景点可以打卡。


2021-10-14 17:32

By: Glueckspilz

Jin Lan Beach

Super enjoyed the day out at this beach with our kids and friends. A perfect day with sunshine, sand, lots of time in the water and happy kids. The SUP and kayaking were great, there’s a kids playground, some beautiful shadow areas to hide from the sun. We saw there are huts to spend the night and they looks very new and clean and a BBQ place is also right there. Big recommend for this place. And it only took us 50 minutes by taxi from door to door. Hopefully we can make it one more time before the weather gets too cold…


2021-10-09 20:54

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