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By: Shantel B

Finland Home Cafe

Finland Home Cafe is a cute little cafe located within walking distance of the historic pingjiang block. The owner, Zekro, is a friendly Iranian-Finnish man whose menu offers traditional comforting Finnish food with Iranian delicacies and spices sprinkled in. The Iranian style (best eaten with naan bread according to the owner) and fruit yogurts are simple yet deliver a satisfying sour taste. The cheese lovers pizza is also fairly decent. This is definitely a place worth stopping by for a quick bite to eat in a cozy atmosphere.


2021-07-23 13:55

By: Fara


Perfect for a family!! The room were bright and tidy Bathrooms were clean. The location is also convenient only 5km away from the city center. You have a grocery and family mart just at the entrance in case you forgot your deodorant There is also a huge park across the street . Breakfast was so so ..not diverse enough for my taste ..bread and the bakery sections weren’t the best quality i would skip that i were you. The swimming pool was crowded for swimming lesson from outside guest. They have the 3/4 of the pool which is quite uncomfortable when you have your little ones who want to freely enjoy the pool and had to stick to one lane. Overall we enjoyed our 3 days staycation here!!


2021-07-22 15:17

By: Shantel B

Toro Loco

Even before entering the restaurant itself, you can tell that you’ll be well taken care of by initial friendly service. Even if you’re not a guess at the W, they will allow you to store your luggage in the lobby and will handle it for you which includes putting it in the trunk of your didi/taxi. The venue itself has a very classy red and black decor with excellent lake views. I came here for dinner last night and lunch today. The lunch menu consists of a starter, main course, dessert, and a drink for a pretty reasonable price. The crab meat and avocado puree starter tasted more fishy than I would’ve liked and it had some crab shells in it! The boneless chicken was a lot better; very tender and juicy. The dessert was also good and came with a pot filled with tea and a small cup with some pretty tasty cookies inside. Overall, good food and even better service.


2021-07-22 13:57

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