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By: Christ

Mr. Potato

Here i am again, well well well, Mr. Potato (My second home). All friends name here My second home. I wouldn't know how u feel, but we all call My second home here, Haha...... What's up Sunday ? SUNNY Sunday.......sunday brunch ??? no no....Let's be real, i have the Allday deluxe breakfast today in Mr.Potato. It is so much and all kind of choice plus really tasty fresh and delicious. I personally claim the best i ever had in China, compare quality , taste, price / service. We all found ourselves at home now. Oh..this Deluxe version of All day deluxe breakfast need to pre-book table and prepay in MP VIP group .


2021-05-05 15:58

By: Ken Street Foodie

Mr. Potato

I guess the close and small party , is definitely Mr. Potato in Nanjing, just a mins to find out yourself and try the food that can't be lies. No words better than taste it.


2021-05-05 14:15

By: Taki

Au86 Brunch & Coffee House

I like the food here. The food is the same as I had it in Australia . Will always come back for pancakes ! The coffee is amazing.


2021-04-28 13:54

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