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By: Benoit

Siu Caa Lao ???•????

We wanted to go to another restaurant in this mall but it was full so ended up at this place. It was big and crowded but they still had a table for us. A lot of choice on the menu and all dishes looked interesting. The mushrooms and clams were quite good but perhaps my favourite was the pork neck which was really tender and perfectly seasoned. The most popular dish here is the soufflé, this thing was huge but still nice and fluffy. The custard buns were also good but you just have to watch out the custard doesn’t splash all over yourself.


2021-05-06 12:26

By: Benoit

Rosewood Guangzhou

This seemed like a good hotel so I booked it, it was only later that I discovered this is the 7th highest building in the world which is pretty nice. The check-in was very smooth with very friendly staff. The room was on the 102nd floor, I don’t think I’ve ever had a room this high. The room was very comfortable with a great view (if it’s not cloudy). The nicest part of the hotel was the spa/gym area, this was on 2 whole floors which was huge. The gym was big with very new equipment, some machines even had a screen where you could see the reps and stuff. The changing room was also very big with huge showers, steam room, sauna(which wasn’t hot), jacuzzi and a relaxation area, all with a view on the Canton tower. Aside from that, there was a relaxation lounge with comfortable seating and free coffee and some small pastries. Overall a really good experience and I’d definitely go back here.


2021-05-04 10:37

By: Zack

Chenghuang Temple (City God Temple)

Small temple near Beijing Lu. A nice place to spend 20 or 30 minutes.


2021-05-01 17:28

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