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By: Thomas

The Happy Monk

I know the Happy Monk for a year only. i don’t know the origin, but know it only in Guangzhou, and there are 5 of them all not very far from each other. i like this one as it has a big outdoor seating(and big space inside too), while the one in Xingsheng road is pretty small). im not surprised the place is successfull, it has a large menu, good vibes, good prices, its opened early for breakfast and it closes late. The menu is often renewed. it would work in any cities. Sunday brunch with live music, set lunch on weekdays, happy hours in the afternoon, u can go at any time of the day. the food is good. amongst the new dishes, had pancetta and pumpkin fettucine(72rmb), confit duck leg with grapefruit(128rmb, would have prefered another more consistent side), salmon with potatoe(98rmb), and a almost falling panna cotta(38rmb, not very italian). For Shenzheners, i would say it is a better version of Brew. The immunity daisy with poutau manuka honey, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, salty lemon, lemon juice, sprite was intriguating but in the end i will just remember it as being salty


2021-07-25 19:23

By: Thomas

Morton's Grille

The pictures do not match with the food you would have at Morton’s, a very high end steakhouse, so you would expect a big steak from USA picture. Yesterday was there for farewell party, so it was more finger food /. snacks to share(mini burgers, mini sandwich, cheese, cold cuts, eggs mimosa, …). However, still need to advertise that place. As all Morton’s, located in high end shopping mall(IGC in GZ, PAFC in SZ), the place is a bit dark, spacious, and has a nice patio with view on the river. You can also find one Morton’s in Shanghai, Chengdu, Suzhou, and one will open in Nanjing. hard to spend less than 300-400 RMB on a steak, some are going up to 600-1000 rmb, but having tried once, you are happy when you are having it. Some special menus are available as well(saw last year Christmas and NY menu and wish it was Christmas already, Tour de France menu coming on Aug 5), and they are better deals(600-800 rmb for a whole menu). The GM, french, a friend, told us new menu is coming soon, with steak marinated in Moutai. Apparently the baijiu taste won’t be obvious, but it makes the meat super tender. Had set lunch once in SZ and they start with a big bun and butter. You are almost full after it. Other dishes more accessible(pasta dishes at 100-200rmb)


2021-07-25 15:25

By: Thomas

Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel

Always trying different hotels with pool when going to guangzhou. seems that I finally found the one im going to stay for future staycations. The pool at 9th floor has sun the whole day. I have been « disappointed » many times by hotels with pool with no sun after 4(garden hotel), no sun between 12 and 2(hilton), or many hotels have only indoor pool, but Sheraton tianhe has it! Good location right at the exit of Tiyu Xilu, 2 stops from GZ east train station, and in the center of GZ, the price is also very competitive(870 rmb with 2 breakfasts, and 2 days pool of course). Rooms are big and clean, with satellite channels(TV5 monde for french). good gym(of course didnt use it). Breakfast was quite basic but still enough things to eat(camembert, feta cheese, poached eggs, waffle and pancakes with nutella(another 1kg this weekend), good congee, and home made yogourt. Without breakfast was 750 rmb so for an additional 120 rmb for 2, nothing to complain. Well ok will still visit other hotels but at least i know where to go if i want to play safe. Direct access to shopping mall, also a good point :-)


2021-07-25 12:07

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