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By: Abby

Su Tai La Jiao

The servings are massive, befitting both Thai and Chinese traditions of family-style eating. Elegant without being stuffy, beautifully decorated, with an attentive staff in the Chinese tradition (the second you say “fuwuyuan,” they’re there), and fish swimming in the little moat on the right side of the main room, it’s quite a treat. Customizing for vegetarian tastes isn’t a big thing, but you can eat around the meat and add tofu to things if you ask the right person. My yellow curry and Pad Thai were DELICIOUS. Bottles of wine are remarkably affordable for Beijing, ranging from mid-100’s to 2/300 yuan a bottle. All in all, a superb experience.


2022-01-15 17:59

By: 186****241

That's Mandarin

I've been studying hsk 6 level at that's mandarin for several months and I'm very happy with the classes. There's a lot of freedom with choosing what you want to study and lots of materials are provided. If you're looking for classes in Beijing it's an easy recommendation.


2022-01-14 14:54

By: 175****454

That's Mandarin

I love the method and love my wonderful teacher. I have just started learning (we are inly at my 15th lesson) but I can already order simple food in a restaurant and discuss simple matters with friends!!! Definitely “thumbs up”! Feichang Hao!


2022-01-12 16:00

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