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By: Dee

Mi-Ne Sushi

Delicious take away service. We order the same every time. Fish is soft, fresh and delicate every time!


2021-04-26 07:06

By: Zack

McDonald's Next

"Unique" isn't a word that comes to mind when one thinks of McDonald's, but this location is definitely worth a visit. McDonald's Next feels like McDonald's that came from the future. Patrons can customize their dishes and burgers are delivered on a cutting board. The silverware the real deal, not the plastic stuff. A cool experience that is worth checking out at least once.


2021-04-19 13:35

By: Zack

a&m US Groceries

What's better than American food? Nothing. That's why you see American restaurants and cafes in every major city in the world. Kidding... or not? Either way, a&m US Groceries is an expat favorite. a&m offers a large and hard to find selection of imported goods from the US. Everything is overpriced but that's the what comes with the territory.


2021-04-18 14:48

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