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By: sian

INK seafood bar

Came here for dinner with a friend. INK has a great location that overlooks Victoria Harbour A place to chill, to wind down after a hard day's work. If you reach around 6 pm, you can secure a seat that is next to the promenade. Watch the rendition of warm colors in the sky as the sun sets. while the building lights starts to lit up. A magnificent transition from day to night. Ordered thesalmon combo with fried rice. Salmon was above my expectation as it still retains the juice and tenderness. Not dry as I have expected given my past experience with sorrowful dried grilled salmon. The black fried rice however was a tad too dry. It might have been made a long while ago, as it has lost its moisture. Definitely room for improvement. Had also the fried calamari which I found to be fulfilling and nothing to disagree with except would have appreciated a slightly bigger portion. Ordered prosseco for the night. Bubbly which is a sign of freshness. Staff at the counter was polite and friendly. It's a spot where I will return again.


2020-11-30 22:46

By: sian

Hao Hua Ka Fei Cha Ting

After going around finding the unforgettable toast, I found this local gem tucked away in Mallory Street. Undoubtedly they do one of the best toast in HK Island area. The toast was done to a golden, fluffy, and drizzled with milk and butter. Dizzyingly delicious. Milk tea was perfectly made.


2020-11-28 10:45

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