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By: SteakEmAll

Robot Restaurant

My long awaited review. This place is loud!!! Pick up your tickets across the street and then you can go in and enjoy the entertainment at the bar. A stage with girls dressed in skimpy costumes doing fetish dance numbers. A few seats in the front and the rest is standing only. The music is blasting loud! S&M, goth, Kpop, and neon skimpies. The pre-show is suitable for adults only. Ask for earphones to help reduce the loudness for the kids. Pick up the tickets and wait outside till they start opening up and bringing you downstairs for the Robot show if you have younger kids. Once you go down to be seated. You can order drinks. If you want their dinner set. You need to order that in advance with your ticket. I recommend to NOT eat there. Eat after or before the show. The food looks like an ordinary bento box. The people eating the food didn’t look impressed. There’s so many restaurants around. Won’t tell you more about the show. So you can experience it yourself. I think it was a very good experience. The show was enjoyable. Different. Remind my of Gozilla at times.


2020-11-06 12:19

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