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By: Jordan Harrison

Song Dynasty Town (Songcheng)

Forewarning: For foreigners, they don't accept bookings thru all third party apps. They prefer you to book on-site at the check in counter. We got the special discount of 99 RMB/person during the spring festival, but standard price is 299/person. This is a theme park which showcases many different shows throughout the day, including a repeating outdoor jetski show, a dinosaur show, some kind of earthquake show with traditional Chinese dance, and a showcase event which you get an assigned time and seat when you enter the park. Show times are posted clearly, although finding where the venues are proved to be a bit cumbersome, as we couldn't get a hold of a park map (they have one posted which is moderately useful at best, especially for those who can't ready Chinese). I would suggest taking some time to explore the park early, then start checking out the different shows they have to offer. The dinosaur one is great for kids, not bad for adults either. I also encountered a haunted house which wasn't too scary for me, but might be a good spook for others (especially entertaining for children). You will not go hungry, there are a lot of different foods to try throughout the day. They even have a pizza restaurant! Also many nice places to pick up a gift or two. Final word of advice: Get to shows EARLY! Bring a nice book or something to do on your phone, some shows you may want to arrive up to a half hour early to get a good seat (except the scheduled one). The views are especially nice at night, so don't leave too early!


2021-02-27 12:35

By: Tane McLeay (Bon App HZ)

PIZZA ITALIAN STYLE (Tiancheng Dong Lu) ????????(?????)

Awesome 3am snack... I've been to a few of their other branches and am happy with them in general for price, speediness and cheese. The cheese is good tasting HOWEVER the toppings can vary in taste and size much more than they should. Tonight I grabbed a large cheese pizza for 55RMB (which I finished), but noticed the processed cheese this time AND was surprised by the mayonnaise (used instead of tomato sauce). # Overall everyone enjoyed and the pizza was satisfying enough to order again...


2021-02-27 12:04

By: Jordan Harrison

Qingchun Li (Kerry Centre)

This is a nice vegetarian restaurant in a conveniently located area near the Fengqi Road metro and Kerry Center. It reminded me of the Zhi Chun vegetarian restaurant which I have also tried and reviewed, although I would say Qingchun Li is a step or two above it in both caliber and price. I like the fusion of both Western and Chinese style dishes available. There are still some affordable dishes available, but most will be at least 30 to 40 RMB per dish. Prices are reasonably proportional to the quality/cost of what you are getting. Some details... Most of the food at our gathering was very good, except for the soup (w/ spinach and cabbage) which didn't have much flavor. The mushroom dish had a nice savory taste. I love the baozi (steamed bun) with the "mushroom meat" inside. The curry was not spicy, but also not overly sweet. The spaghetti had a strong hint of basil, along with a marinara that was a bit on the sweet side, but good nonetheless. Truffle rice has a nice, deep flavor. The sweet and sour lotus root is also a nice treat, it wasn't too sweet, kind of a General Tso's chicken flavor from American style Chinese food. The classic maopao tofu did not disappoint--not too spicy but enough to hit the spot. Overall, it was a very nice experience, and also convenient to be able to try so many different dishes at once. Would be a great place to treat family and friends in the future.


2021-02-27 12:02

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