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By: Andrea

Lang Ting Si Fang Cai (Ma An Shan Zhong Lu Dian)

One of the fancier and higher level Chinese Restaurants in Kunshan. Its located next to the river and has a very fancy but classic Chinese interior and style. I went there for a business lunch and it was delicious. We got a private room and the food came in a very good time. I can actually not remember all the names of what we had but some highlights and must order: The grilled chicken, super juicy and very tender and tasty; the pork salad; the fish soup, special taste but very nice and rich in flavour; the shrimp, it has a bit a thai curry flavour but was very good and the ice plant salad. Good place for having business lunches or dinner in Kunshan.


2020-12-02 08:12

By: Andrea

Shui Tian Tang (Water Paradise)

Western style restaurant in the miX mall in Kunshan. The place is quite busy during lunch, the prices are good and the portions are super big. We came with the team and tried some dishes. The food was okay, some dishes were good some not. The Korean style fried rice was tasty and the shrimps too, the beef was okay, the salad tasted strange and the sauerkraut fish was a bit plain and the typical sour taste was totally missing. The dessert were not good, the toast was super oily and not tasty the coconut milk was okay.


2020-11-21 08:54

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