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By: Priscilla

Tao Lin Can Ting

Located in the street behind our hotel it draws big lines from 4:30pm on. We came at 5pm and waited 1/2 hour to be seated. Worth the wait/hype. Good food and cheap prices. They also have a good range of non spicy food if needed. 4 people with drinks and a table full of food (not all pictured). Highly recommend.


2021-07-25 17:39

By: Jen

Moka Bros

My first experience of Moka Bros was in Beijing a few years back, it was so good it has stuck with me ever since. When I came across it in Chengdu too I was so happy. In my opinion they said the standard for what healthy food should be here, they don’t sacrifice flavour for the appearance of healthier options. I will continue to hope that they bring their brand of goodness to Shenzhen too


2021-07-24 14:24

By: Jen

The Range Bar & Grill

I went to The range for 4th July celebrations and it didn’t disappoint. Delicious burgers and snacks, solid range of drinks and the night had a fun atmosphere with beer pong and tunes. Kate is brilliant, she makes you feel like she’s just welcomed you into her own home, legend


2021-07-24 12:46

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