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By: Nathalie

Veg Inn ????

Sister branch of the Veg Inn 素人素食, it is a Sichuan buddhist tibetan style vegetarian, located behind the big gate of a 小区,just enter the gate and you will find it with its nice lampions. When you enter, the decoration transports you directly to a tibetan temple in sichuan/yunnan wherever tibetan culture is located, as it looks very authentic. The waiters are very nice and patient. We ordered so many dishes, it taste so good, and it's not expensive at all ! What I liked: - Tofu fried rolls, - Peanuts and fake meat 锅 it had the same taste as the Malaxiangguo dish - Fake cold meat, good seasoning - Fake 回锅肉 Huiguirou, worth to taste but wondering what they - Wonton : a bit too salty, but good to have this veggie option wonton I want to come back to taste all the dishes ahhaha !


2020-12-05 02:06

By: Nathalie

Ju Xiang Yuan

Simple cantonese food. I did not taste the dim sum but simple dish. We asked for vegetarian version of mapo dofu, it's hard to keep the same taste as a classical one, sauce was too simple. I reckon it's not good to order sichuan dish in cantonese restaurant haha The veggies were very nice as well as the Chaofan stir fried rice!


2020-12-05 01:50

By: Lori

Pistolera Mexican Cantina (Hengshan)

Heard about this place a long time ago, but the first time tried it. Great atmosphere, p2 kinda like fish salad super sour, looks pretty but I can’t handle the sour level. Recommend p3, was yummy and will order again. A nice place to go.


2020-12-04 22:45

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