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By: Thomas

Mi Casa

Mi Casa es tu casa. That’s about all the spanish i know. Mi Casa is a Mexican restaurant in Canton place (yes, im still here 6 hours later, after few punch at Le Hachoir). Mi Casa looks not as busy as his neighbor, Mezomd, spanish restaurant, but im happy with the menu they have. The choice is really large, the price very reasonable, while the whole Canton place tends to be a bit pricy. It was still early so i prefered to start with something sweet, and decide later on what’s next. Lot lot of desserts available and i chose the white chocolate crepe(45rmb) with one hot chocolate(35rmb) to have a double dose of chocolate. that would have been honnestly enough food, but after a 30min talk to a 78yo grandma, and before a long way back to Shenzhen, i decided to enjoy the the Thursday offer, Tacos buy 1 get one. The chili con carne one with minced beef and refried bean was better than the pastor fish one (56pcs for 2pcs). i didnt find them very tasty, compared to the ones in La Lupita for example. Mi Casa would be a great brunch place(available daily from 11am to 4pm, with eggs florentine, benedict, pancakes, mexican breakfasts), and you really have a tons of appetizers and dishes that it would be too long to list them down. is Spinach cheese dip as good as the one in Salt and talk? Salmon tartar, soups, sandwiches, salads, burgers and of course fajitas, quesadillas, burritos, all looked good, and there is even more (pasta, meat platter). Really doesnt stop at the traditionnal mexican dishes only.


2021-11-11 18:39

By: Thomas

Le Hachoir

Le Hachoir means meat cleaver in French. This is a grilling house, from the same group who owns Fuel, gastronomic french restaurant on the Party Pier. Le Hachoir opened last month in Canton place, the place i would love to live if i were living in Guangzhou. This would be my Seaworld, but more limited to restaurants, more relaxed, but a place which gives me holiday feeling. There is one lunch set available. I chose a strange combination as a starter: wartermelon and duck confit. Im generally not a big fan of fruits with pizza, or fruit salads, so i was bit perplexed. But the duck, even if not in big qty, took over the watermelon, which was also fresh and tasty. You want to go to Le Hachoir for their meat, so I had skirt steak, which i would have liked a bit more pink(should have asked medium rare and not medium) and which was excellent with its persillade. i knew this dish would satisfy me with the smell of the mushrooms. an extra 20rmb for dessert, and i got a very small (cute) pot of tiramisu, that i would have found expensive a la carte(58rmb). Good deal in the end that i accompanied with a glass of grapfruit gin and tonic(70rmb)for the holiday feeling. I might now wait for happy hours(buy 1 get 1 on all drinks by the glass), and wait for dinner for another nice meal on this Canton Place, which offere so much choice.


2021-11-11 13:49

By: Charlie

1920 Restaurant and Bar

I love their snails and seafood plate. This restaurant serves German knuckle. If you want German food such as pig knuckle and sausage, this is the place to go in Guangzhou.


2021-11-06 21:05

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