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By: 137****289

That's Mandarin

Hi I’m Raz 高佑思. As a student here I want to say that this school has the Best Mandarin teachers in Beijing. I study mandarin for 10 years and here I met some of the most professional, dedicated and creative team or teachers and admins. My mandarin improved significantly thanks to them. I highly recommend this school fo anyone learning mandarin!


2021-11-19 13:30

By: 132****061

That's Mandarin

I've have been studying HSK2 and now starting HSK3.The Program is flexible to my daily schedule and has all the study materials I can handle between lessons.This school have an outstanding team of talented and skillful teachers who adapt and develop specially created materials for your personal learning needs.The environment is clean and modern with bright, pleasant, purpose-built classrooms, supporting the overall experience of a professional but friendly and caring language school. I genuinely recommend That's Mandarin for everyone who wants to learn Chinese in a fun and effective way.


2021-11-17 14:53

By: 133****560

That's Mandarin

I've have been studying HSK1 and now some way through HSK2. Started first taking the one-on-one class twice a day and five days a week. This past month only I have progressed more than the previous two years of self-study; and 7 years of traveling to China. My teachers have created a great teaching experience and patient when explaining nuances of the language. I am so happy to have finally given school a try and will continue making use of their services online and offline, till I am fluent in the language. I can highly recommend That's That's Mandarin Chinese Language School for learning Chinese.


2021-11-11 17:38

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