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By: FrankieWalsh

Ye Bo Zhai Gong Ting Su Shi

The menu is heaving with a huge variety of vegan dishes. The dining area is cosy and spacious. The aubergine fritters are top notch. The broths and winter soups are perfect. They cook with a lot of mushrooms, if that's your thing.


2021-02-26 15:26

By: Nathalie

Hong Zhuang Yuan

Good casual rice porridge place, they have a lot of branches in Beijing. This particular one is located on ???, it's cheap and clean. Various choice of savoury rice porridge served in clay pot and also of sweet porridge, unlike the cantonese ones. We took the vegetarian savoury rice porridge and the sweet dates porridge. It's better to let the dates soak a bit more to let them be softer at taste. The rice is not too soft surprisingly, so it's like a tiny crispy taste in a the watery texture. Nice ! Very good value !


2021-02-26 07:23

By: FrankieWalsh

Gung Ho! Pizza (Sanlitun)

Being able to eat vegan pizza with all the toppings intact is a massive plus. Great choice of craft beers. Lots of vegan pizza options.


2021-02-25 21:18

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