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By: Ruth

Pie Society • Canteen

Pie Society do the best vegan pies I have had in my life and an outstanding vegan roast on a Sunday. They offer an array of vegan comfort foods and will often switch up their menu with new choices. Pie Society have Meatfree Monday offers, so definitely check them out on wechat and support these tasty pies. Of worthy note is also their range of UK ciders, to accompany your pie or roast.


2021-02-27 13:56

By: alx

UMAAMI global kitchen

Love this place. Hands down vest hainan chicken place in town and if you need that singaporean food fix. I find myself always conflicted between hainan rice, fishball rice, char kway teoh. There's Italian food cooked perfectly as well, better than most Italian places in town. Nice modern vibe inside with nice dim lighting and great music that's not too loud and obnoxious. The staff are very polite and attentive and the boss is always out and ready to say hi.


2021-02-27 13:53

By: Ruth


For a place named 'Egg,' they do a surprising number of excellent vegan options. Their avocado toast, for example, is sumptuous. They truly nail the flavours and it's by far the best avo toast in Shanghai. I recommend 'Egg' for a nourishing breakfast or lunch, before strolling the local park or shops with their takeaway coffee or freshly made banana bread. Avoid Moka Bros up the road- their avo toast is sub-par by comparison.


2021-02-27 13:48

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