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By: Joseph McCarty

The Bull & Claw 2.0

One of the first questions we asked when we arrived in Shanghai was “who does a good Sunday roast?”, and the answers we got we’re pretty unanimous: “they’re all sh*t”. So, needless to say, we didn’t really bother looking into it. After 10 months without, we felt enough was enough, and ventured over to The Bull & Claw to see what’s what, and was completely blown away. Maybe it was the near year wait, or maybe it was the ominously looming hanger, but I’m pretty confident in saying that yesterday’s Sunday roast is only seconded by my Mum’s home cooking. We’re not entirely sure how it works though, as they wasn’t on the menu, but after some double and triple checks with the kitchen they came out with this thing of beauty, so we’re lead to believe that they’re available all weekend upon request.


2021-08-01 00:58

By: Joseph McCarty

Beef & Liberty (Shanghai Centre)

In the top two burgers in Shanghai. Only bested by Fat Cow. Go on a Monday, it’s buy-one-get-one-free on all burgers. Thank me later.


2021-08-01 00:56

By: Nathalie


Not far from the burstling area of Wulumuqi road with all its restaurants, this place is hidden on the 2nd floor of the Wuzhong wet market and sells organic Yunnan food (noodles, veggies, beers, alcohols etc.) as well as serves Yunnan-inspired food. It's so cute how they reuse some wooden box to create the chairs. There are not so many seats, but that is why it is good, not too crowded. I like also the usage of peanut as the chopstick holder. The crispy tofu arrived quickly, but the rest took a bit of time, even the frozen veggie ! But the waiting was worth it, the truffle pizza is really thin, crispy and tasty, the tom yum soup is yummy. The shredded chicken with lemongrass and spice, à la Jingpo minority, was not as spicy as the original version, but it was fresh for the summer. It's all good, we had 4 dishes and alcohol, for three persons, and end up paying 120 rmb, which is a reasonable price regarding the quality of ingredients and nbr of dishes we ordered. I really recommend this hidden spot !


2021-07-31 23:55

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