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By: Sergi

Kebabs on the Grille

Went to the vegan dinner buffet deal. Delicious food served here. Service was top!


2021-09-26 17:31

By: angyness

Ben’s Cafe

A nice and cozy cafe on YongJia rd. Mult and well selected coffee beans that you can choose here to make ur own coffee. Decent coffee with Shanghai street view as nature background, beautiful and unique architectures around. Get the booster shot, take a sip, enjoy the sun!


2021-09-26 15:07

By: Mona Weber


I really like the quality and food range. My new favorites are the Eper kitchen selection. Easy and quick way to make healthy lunches - ready cuted and washed. Super easy. Other my new favorite is cottage cheese, it's really hard to find any where in Shanghai. And the meet quality is great too. The selection ranges is so good: from fresh meats and vegetables, beverages, breakfast cereals and snacks, pastas and Halal products from all over the world. All available for home delivery


2021-09-26 12:22

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