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By: Nicole Stewart

Luke Coffee

Very affordably-priced. Nice owners. Quick service. Grilled chicken sandwich and fries are only 35¥


2021-01-25 14:36

By: ?? Jie SUN

Pho To Shop

I often like to discover food from south of Asia in shanghai, there are some good ones, but for the Vietnam food I didn’t find any good one until I tried Pho To Shop! Very surprised when I ordered it by take away, which I totally not expected how the taste would be. But it has became my favorite Vietnam easy food in the town. Highly recommend ! give a try !


2021-01-25 13:05

By: Andrea

Chihuahua - Tacos, Beer & Tequila

New Mexican restaurant in Jingan which has a quite modern and bright interior and a fast an good service. We went there for lunch and tried different tacos, nachos and quesadillas. Then Nachos were nice, warm and came with good flavoured sauces. Just a little bit more nachos would have been nice for the amount of dips. The tacos are a bit small, compared to other places but good. I tried the chicken one which had a rich chicken flavour and was also a bit spicy as well as the beef one with was super tender and nice. Good flavour and taste of the tacos, liked it. Also the quesadillas were nice. Nice place with fresh and tasty food.


2021-01-25 12:06

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